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The 2011 MVAA Scholarship Application is now available!

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The next General Membership meeting will be held at the Middletown Town Hall on Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. 

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MVAA Football


     Greeting and welcome to the MVAA football website. On behalf of myself and the MVAA Football Director – Tom Evich, we’d like to take the opportunity to explain what MVAA football is all about. Coach Evich and I are extremely passionate about the game of football. Our passion stems not from winning or losing, but from the real-life lessons competitive athletics teaches young athletes like you. As I allude to in my “President’s Message” on the first page of our website, it is my sincere goal to create an atmosphere where all our young athletes are afforded an opportunity to participate in instructional, recreational, and competitive athletics. Moreover, the MVAA’s primary vision is to produce young athletes who understand and display the meaning of leadership, discipline, integrity, hard work, and personal courage. These attributes that I’ve just mentioned come only when an athlete makes the necessary commitment to excellence and takes the initiative to play the highest caliber of football anywhere in Maryland.  The Middletown community has supported the MVAA football program for decades.

     Families and players choose to compete in MVAA football because it is the official "feeder" to the Middletown High School football program. The coaches of the MVAA adhere to the philosophical and physical demands expected from Head Varsity Football Coach – Kevin Lynott.  The MVAA football program provides a seamless transition for its players into the MHS football program where former MVAA players have thrived and helped to make MHS football one of the most successful programs in our area.

     How do you as an MVAA athlete fit into this picture? Simply stated, you must constantly look for venues to challenge yourself daily, for this is the only way you will grow as a person and athlete. Words like leadership, discipline, integrity, hard work, and personal courage are used very loosely in today’s society, but how many people that you know actually live this credo? MVAA football will teach you not only what these words mean, but will teach you how to emulate these words in every day life. Again, MVAA coaches teach football not with the intent of winning every game, but producing young men who are mentally tough and disciplined in every aspect of life.

     MVAA football challenges you to become the best athlete possible. If you want to be prepared for high school football, you must have the essential tool to succeed. The MVAA football program will mold you into the football player you desire by emphasizing individual humility and being part of a team. Our football coaching staff has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge of the game and an intense dedication to Middletown High School football.

      Again, thank you for your time and we hope to see you on the football field in August, and remember…, Knight Pride!

Coach Tom Evich                                                      Coach Brian Moore
MVAA Football Sports Director                                   President, MVAA
Tom@mvaasports.com                                             Brian@mvaasports.com

2011 There are New Weight Limits for all Divisions

See our Divisions Page for Information on specific weights, ages and grade eligibility.


The Mountain Valley Youth Football League is the premier youth league in the area.  Teams in the league include Boonsboro, Brunswick, Catoctin, Francis Scott Key, Frederick, Gamber-Smallwood, Mt. Airy, North Hagerstown, South Hagerstown, Tuscarora and Walkersville. 

Middletown Football is all about Commitment, Teamwork, and Discipline.  Throughout the season the players learn what that all means on a football field and hopefully can translate that lesson into the rest of their lives. 


Directions to all MVYFL field locations can be found here. 

MVAA football and the MHS football program continue to work together.  Additional information for the High School program can be found at the following link:



Flag Head Coach - Todd King

This level is for all players 5 and 6 years old.  The program has set realistic expectations for the 5 and 6 year olds that revolve around learning some of the basics of football while stressing teamwork and sportsmanship.  At this age, the goal is to get the boys acclimated to:
Offense vs Defense
Player Positions
Ball Control (handing-off and carrying techniques)
Converging on the ball carrier under control
Practice will be split between instructional drills and scrimmage conditions.  Our metric for success this year will be the amount of fun the boys had while being introduced to football fundamentals.

Mini-Pony Head Coach - Steve Banovic

Coach Banovic is entering his 3nd season as an MVAA coach and will be the head coach for MVAA Mini-Pony football.  His primary focus is in the development of young athletes providing them with the tools necessary to excel at the next level.  One of Coach Poffenbarger’s immediate goals is to develop a coaching staff that remains at the mini-pony level in an effort to continuously strengthen the quality and consistency of the Middletown program through the teachings of sound fundamentals and the development of young athletes leaving self and agenda behind.  Poffenbarger’s focus is on overall consistency of the mini-pony program and coordination of the multiple D1/D2 teams we work with at this level.  The Mini-Pony coaching staff is very much an instructional level aimed exclusively at peaking the interests of young athletes and providing them with the tools to succeed.  To achieve this, we require from both the young athlete and the parents, dedication, discipline, and hard work from each player.

Pony Head Coach - Bill Poffenbarger


Junior Varsity Head Coach - Brian Moore

Coach Moore is in his fifth year with the MVAA Football Program and fourth year as the head coach at the junior varsity (J.V.) level.  Coach Moore brings a wealth of football knowledge to our program.  His experience as a collegiate football player (Cal Poly-1980-85) and professional football player (S.F. 49ers-1985) has added in-depth knowledge of offensive and defensive linemen techniques.  Coach Moore's philosophy in coaching youth athletes is not necessarily measured by wins and losses, but rather producing young leaders who exhibit discipline, commitment, respect, and show the initiative to excel, both on and off the field.  Coach Moore is fortunate to have two well-seasoned, knowledgeable football coaches in Dan Coleman, as the offensive coordinator, and Scott Farrow, as the defensive coordinator.  Coaches Coleman and Farrow have numerous years coaching MVAA football.

Varsity Head Coach - Tom Evich

Assistant Head Coach - Scott Stottlemyer

Coach Evich returns for his 11th consecutive year as varsity head coach.  His coaching experience with the varsity dates back to 1993 when he served as an assistant coach to his current offensive coordinator—Scott Stottlemyer.  Coaches Evich and Stottlemyer have over 25 years combined MVAA coaching experience working with 7th and 8th graders to prepare for the Middletown High School Football Program.  They head up a coaching staff that believes in setting high standards and inspiring players to live up to them.  This applies both on and off the field.  The Varsity staff will dedicate themselves to provide each player the instruction and tools to help make them the best football player he can be and more importantly a more successful person in life.  In addition, an environment that constantly emphasizes the value of team and individual humility is what has inspired hundreds of former MVAA players over the years to graduate into the ranks of the MHS Football Program and thrive.

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The MVAA players have continued their success at the high school level.   The philosophies and nomenclature utilized in the MVAA program allow for the gradual and successful succession to the Middletown High School football program.  Every player in the MVAA program develops the skills and techniques to help them reach their full potential. 

The MVAA competes in the Mountain Valley Youth Football League (MVYFL).  Our league does not condone unsportsmanlike acts from coaches or players.  We are proud of the fact that none of the Middletown MVAA football coaches or players (40 seasons) has ever been cited with an infraction to the league.  We respect the job of the officials and demand the same of our players.  The same officials employed in MVYFL officiate at the high school games. 

Our primary coaching positions are filled by those who believe that success is bred by continuity and consistency.  Coaches are assigned to teams based on the needs of the overall program, not neccessarily where their son plays.  This in itself inherently provides us an unbiased evaluation of the talent.  The potential of every player in our program can be tapped to the fullest, void of personal bias. 

Our approach has been successful.  In the 7 years we have fully implemented the continuity approach to coaching, the three competitive levels of our program have a combined record of 181-52-2.  We have two MVYFL Superbowl victories, eight Superbowl runner-ups and 9 Valley Divisional titles.

MHS head varsity football coach - Coach Lynott has coached within the MVAA program for the last 5 seasons.  Coach Lynott was also our game time PA announcer.  It was not uncommon to hear our fans praise the excellent job and commentary provided by Coach Lynott.  His guidance and assistance helps reinforce the MVAA efforts in preparing our players for high school.

Many of the present MHS football coaches were former MVAA coaches and/or players. 

First year players have always contributed to our program's success and have earned starting positions.  Part of the excitement each year for our coaching staff is not knowing the potential attributes of a new player.  Time after time, the new players serve a vital role on all of our teams.  It is never too late to start playing football with the MVAA.

The MVYFL is comprised of a DI and DII level.  The same coaches coach both the DI and DII teams.  Both divisions practice together and only separate on game day.  The DII Middletown squads adhere to a "must-play" policy.  Playing time at the DII level is afforded to all of the athletes that practice.  MVAA understands there are commitments that take precedence over football, including but not limited to family, scholastic and religious events.  These situations can be handled one on one with the head coach. 

We have an 85% retention rate with MVAA football players.  Year after year, players return to our program with the desire to become a better player and contributor to their team.  We have found that our program offers an appealing venue for those wanting to commit to a team and continue to build the Middletown football tradition. 

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Practice Schedule

First Practice August 1st, 6PM

MVAA Football typically practices on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights during the season.  This provides our players the opportunity to watch the high school football teams.   Freshman and JV High School games are typically played on Wednesdays with Varsity games typically on Friday nights. 

MVAA Football History

The MVAA football program was formed in 1971 to provide a feeder program to Middletown High School (MHS).  We would like to thank our parents for their continued support of the program.  The youth football league existed before there was a high school team.  The premise behind the program was to develop football players through fundamentals, dedication, confidence and commitment to their team to prepare them for high school football.  After the start-up of the high school football program, graduates of the program began giving back to the community where many grew up.  Today, there are many coaches within the MVAA program who played MVAA football as well as MHS football.  There are also just as many coaches involved in the MVAA program that have played and coached for other programs from other areas of the county and country.  Our program models the high school program and is coordinating our efforts with the new head coach - Coach Kevin Lynott.  By virtue of the fact that our practices and program philosophy are nearly identical to what is expected at the MHS Program, MVAA football players have a seamless transition from the MVAA Program to the MHS Program.  Not only are they well schooled in the same techniques and terminology used at the next level but most importantly they become immersed in the mental attitude that is distinctly Middletown Football. 

MVAA Present Day

As our region has continued to grow, so has the MVAA and MVYFL.  Within our league there are two division levels.  DI is the competitive division and the DII level is where the players hone the football skills in a game-like atmosphere.   We will be entering our fourth year with DII representation.  The DII teams are coached by the DI staff making it possible for your son to advance and benefit from competing with DI players.  

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